The Farmer

An entrepreneur fighting against the odds

Eid is a strawberry farmer and agricultural engineer. Farmers in Gaza face enormous setbacks. Too often they can’t access their land, irrigation becomes impossible when there is no electricity and the blockade prevents them from exporting. During the 2014 war, Eid’s factory was destroyed. However, with the help of Organisations like Oxfam, Eid now has a thriving strawberry business. He feels a huge responsibility for his employees; his success and failure will also be theirs.  his story

The Potter

The last surviving family pottery

factory in the Gaza

Mustafa is one of the last pottery makers in Gaza; his first memory is working at the pottery wheel. But he ‘s worried. Although pottery plays such a rich role in Palestinian heritage, it’s a dying art in Gaza. Cuts in electricity and water limit production and he can only sell within Gaza.  Once there were more than 20 pottery factories in Gaza, but despite the business being in his family for generations, he fears his too will soon disappear. his story

Surgeon, mother and optimist

The Doctor

Wissam dreamed of being a doctor when she was a girl. Today she is a gynaecologist in Gaza’s largest and busiest medical centre, Shifa hospital, and also performs C-Sections in a private clinic. Wissam loves her job. Every day brings the opportunity to share moments of happiness and joy with her patients. Despite the challenges of electricity cuts and lack of equipment, Wissam remains optimistic. She is famous for her infectious smile and caring nature.  her story

The only female bus driver in Gaza

Salwa Sroor is Gaza's only female bus driver. In a male dominated culture it’s not your average job for a woman. And she couldn’t care less. Every morning Salwa picks up 60 children across Gaza city to take them to her family run kindergarten. They adore her. Everywhere she goes people wave and point. Her name means “smile’’ and she lives up to it.  Salwa is the embodiment of energy and enthusiasm. her story

The Bus Driver

The Driving Instructor

If you’re a woman and you want to drive call Samera

Samera has been teaching people in Gaza to drive for more than 25 years. When she started everyone told her a woman couldn’t succeed in this kind of job. Now she is one of the most sought after instructors in Gaza, especially by women. For Samera, driving is more than a skill. Driving gives women the ability to be independent, safer and free in a place where they are often the most vulnerable. her story